Saturday, September 23, 2006


Thanks so much for the positive comments on my sewing :) I didn't sell any on ebay but I might try again one day soon. Steph, I will get in touch with you as I have quite a few items for sale and maybe they would sell in your friend's consignment store. I did have them in St. Marys but it would be great to try somewhere else for awhile.
I love to make children's rewarding but when you don't have an outlet for them, they just stack up!

Just went to my neighbour's house and got some yarn and a pattern to knit a sweater! Yikes....all I need is another project! I'm a sucker for punishment but it's soooo much fun LOL


Anonymous said...

WOW Marcie, you really are Mrs Crafty aren't you!! The last thing i knitted were mittens for David when he was born. LOL.
Hope you manage to sell the bits you make, if my kids were smaller i'd definately be buying them!!
Please let me know if you make anything for an 18 month - 2 year old girl - my niece would look great in a Marcie Design!!

Joy said...

Being busy is good Marcie - it keeps you out of trouble!!!!

Stephanie said...

Yes, being busy is good! Sweaters are good right now... it's definitely becoming sweater weather around here! I'm all about being cozy and warm!! You are very crafty... I'm jealous!!! I'm only good at scrapping(I think!)