Monday, September 25, 2006

No Mystery Now

No wonder we didn't sell too many kits at Do It Digi!! Have you seen how many freebies are out there??? Oh my goodness! Why would anyone ever buy when you can get some awesome stuff for FREE!!!??? Well the mystery is solved and it sure makes me think "twice more" about selling online when you can give it away for free LOL

Here's a freebie for you.....wouldn't want to be "left behind" in the Digital Game!
This is one of those "so popular" page templates! Created in .psd format with layers for Photoshop, PS Elements and Paint Shop Pro users as well as .jpg for others. All the layers can be rotated and moved so the possibilities are endless! Would love to see what you do with this :)


Wendy said...

Thanks Marcie :) I love the template!!

sillyleann said...

I love it! I will try it out soon! Thanks so much!

Joy said...

I agree about the freebies! There are load of them around!¬!! Thank you sooooo much for the template - I have really been getting into these, and love them!

Carrie said...

Great template. I found it on a layout on Joy's blog.
I totally agree about the freebies. I used to download them all but have become much choosier since there are so many now!

Michelle - MikesMom said...

Thank you for the beautiful template, Marcie. I love the layouts that you and Joy have made using them. I can't wait to try it!