Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Sad Day

Today is a sad day for me! Do It Digi has closed completely and my "home page" when I open my internet browser has had to change. It has been Do It Digi for the past year and a half and it feels so strange to not see that familiar page each morning :((

For now, my home page is Joy's Blog LOL. Couldn't think of anything better to open to each day.

Sure is feeling like Fall here in Stratford, Ontario. The air has cooled considerably in the past 2 weeks and more rain and cloudy skies really makes me want to stay in the house. The farmers fields are wonderful colours now and the setting sun peeking through the clouds enhances the Fall colours. Here's a view from my backyard

Of course this is more stunning in real life!!

I'm still working out what to do with my "DID" time. I want to continue to create kits but then I think "what for". I would like to get motivated to get some genealogy layouts done so we can get a book together. Once I get some loose ends cleaned up around here (sewing, housework, etc), I think that is what I will concentrate on. The past month I've been using up some of the stash of fabric I have sitting around. Have made a few items for myself and others. However, seems like I get some used up and then buy some more. When will I learn!!! Oh well. I think I am gaining though.....I emptied one tote bucket so that must mean I'm getting rid of some. LOL

Signing off for to you soon :)


Joy said...

I agree, it is a very sad day today :( Although, its great to have your blog back Marcie :) I am very honoured that you have my blog as your home page - not sure that i could cope with being woken up by the Dixie Chicks every morning, but then you do mornings better than I do!! The view from your place has changed a bit since we were there!! We are enjoying an extended summer here atm although I think we are going to have a storm tonight - can already hear the rain!!

sillyleann said...

It has been sad for me too! I still get a blank screen when I log on because I am to lazy to change it. :) I am not sure what I will do either. I am trying to decide if I will go back to designing either. I am participating in this year's P4D BCA fundraiser. This might be one of my favorite P4D fundraiser kits to date. Other than that, I am hanging on because life is taking me for a ride. :) Good to be able to keep up!

Stephanie said...

Sad for me as well!!! Do It Digi was my home away from home, and I miss you all very much!!! I'm glad a few of you are doing blogs though, so I can keep up! I'm buying from a few other sites... but I'm even done doing that cause I have no money(our house is breaking)... but nothing will ever make me as happy as Do It Digi. I hope all continues to be well with you and your family, and I will keep coming back and checking in!

Wendy said...

Awww.......girlfriends, don't be sad. Think of this as a new chapter.....who knows what is ahead for us now!!

We are very busy this weekend with lots of fruit to harvest and still in the midst of 'moving' all our upstairs belongings downstairs and rearranging everything to fit. It is rather nice to have a 'new' office :) Upstairs the office was to 'DID', LOL.

Hmm...maybe I will set up a blog this week.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad day for DID but look at all the freinds we have made there. Nice to see we all have the blog bug up and running!!