Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sun is Shining :)

Despite the fact that the sky is dark for the most part, the sun keeps peeking through and that is sooooo nice! Sure is looking more like Fall everyday!
Went to the Stratford Fall Fair yesterday and what a waste of time and money! LOL Won't do that again but at least I can say I did it once :)
Today we're going to visit mom and dad. Haven't seen them for a couple of weeks and it always seems too long! Darren's surfing in Grand Bend this morning.......brrrrrrr. He really got the surfing "bug" and has been trying to catch as many "waves" as he can despite the water temperature. It's down to 63 degrees F. and he says he won't go in when it gets to 60 degrees. Oh to be young again! NOT
Bre and Sara are both working today. And for those I haven't told, Lisa (my eldest) is coming home from California for good on December 19th!! Finally!!! She's been there 5 years now and we've only managed to see her a couple of times per year. It will be sooo nice to have her close again!!!!!

Okay, I'm off to the basement to do some wash and then maybe start that sweater or work on my quilt until we leave for mom's! Later :)


Stephanie said...

awesome.... I'm so glad that Lisa is coming home...California is so far away... where is she going to live, if you don't mind me being nosy!!! By the way, I think Darren is crazy for surfing in Lake Huron in this kind of weather, but like you said... oh, to be young again!!! Say hi to your Mom for me!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW wonderful news about Lisa i am really happy for you all. As for the fall weather, please send us some! I love colours, the wind and the crisp mornings along with the dark nights.

Joy said...

Thtat's soooo cool about Lisa - it was such a shame that we missed her when we were over, but maybe another time (yeah, right, where's that lottery win??!!)