Monday, February 19, 2007

Home from Argentina

Just returned from a three week trip to Argentina to visit my husband's family. My husband, four children and I left on January 26 and returned February 17. We had beautiful warm, sunny weather and missed most of the very cold, blustery winter weather here at home. John spent most of Saturday after we got home, digging out the laneway and cars. The neighbours tried to keep up for us but it was just too much! I'm glad I missed it ;)

Our trip was "interesting" to say the least. Argentina is a very different culture to Canada. They drive like maniacs, never observing rules of the road, crowding 5 lanes of traffic into two....but for the most part they don't drive as fast as we do here. We had to buy food daily and if you don't get it in the morning, you sometimes have to wait until late afternoon as most places close from noon until 4pm. There is much walking to do and the sidewalks are often treacherous with uplifted slabs of stone and dog doo-doo. You never look up while you walk ;) I don't know how they get everything done in a day when they have to work a job as well as keep house, etc.

John's family is a whole other story that I won't go into in a blog. They are of Italian descent and mixed with the whole Argentina culture, it makes for volatile situations. When we left, everyone was still alive and kicking LOL I'll leave it at that ;)

Here's a pic of us along the coast of Argentina south of Mar del Plata

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Wendy aka BrokenJar Creations said...

Great picture Marcie !! Everyone looks beautiful :) Can't wait to hear all the stories, LOL.