Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lisa comes home! :)

Today Bre, Sara and myself are off to pick up Lisa at the airport in Toronto! She's coming home to stay (well until her next adventure) after 5 years in California. It's been hard for her to fit 5 years in a couple of suitcases so I'm not sure what she's bringing home but I know she was very frustrated yesterday trying to get everything packed. She gave a lot away to others of what she acquired in those years but still there are so many "things" we just can't live without!! :)
We are leaving early to miss all the rush hour traffic so I guess we'll just have to sacrifice and spend the day at IKEA! What a tragedy!! (snicker, snicker) Don't cry too hard for me......I have a few last minute Christmas items to find so I think IKEA will be just just the place! LOL
I've been busy getting Christmas presents finished and bought. Last night I wrapped most of them. I have to go wrap a few more before I leave today.
Toodle oooooo (how do you spell that!!???)

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