Friday, October 13, 2006

The Snow Stayed

The temperatures stayed down overnight and the snow stayed on the ground!!! Weather Network is still calling for snow/rain showers today so I guess we're not done yet. I'm hoping that it doesn't rain tomorrow as we are moving the girls into their first "home on their own". Well, at least the sun is shining this morning and that makes everything look pretty outside! Have a great Friday and weekend!


Stephanie said...

I hate snow too... it's too soon for the white stuff... let's get through Halloween!!!! Good luck to the girls as they venture out on their own!!!

Joy said...

Good luck to the girls - how exciting for them!!! I think that calls for a 'new home' kit Marcie!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcie!!

I hope the snow has disappeared! We got a bit of a dumping on the weekend too but it has gone away (hopefully for a while).

How did the move go? Does that mean you have an empty nest now?