Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Move

The move went very well. Four girls have squeezed into a three bedroom semi-detached house. The fourth girl took the basement as her room and has quite a nice "suite" down there! They drew straws for who got the small, medium and large bedrooms. Sara unfortunately got the smallest one and she was hoping for a large room! She was quite sad about it. Bre got the biggest bedroom and anyone who knows Bre, knows she will fill it until you can't move in there! Anyway, they've acquired quite a bit of stuff and have almost every comfort of home! Last night Darren and I moved in 2 love seats that they were able to acquire very inexpensively. Now they just need window coverings in the living room, bathroom and Bre's bedroom. LOL But they have cable and internet so the priorities have been taken care of :)
Amazing the difference between a guy moving out on his own and a girl moving out on her own. A guy needs the basest basics and a girl needs everything! LOL
Anyway, no pics of the move or the house! I keep forgetting to take my camera.


Joy said...

too right - cable, internet and somewhere to sleep - all the top priorities taken care of!!!

Four girls sharing and I can just imagine the amount of make-up and hair things that they have around the house!!! lol!!

Glad they are all settled in - and remember your camera next time! :)

Michelle - MikesMom said...

I'm glad to hear that the move went well. I remember when we moved into our first apartment, Dave couldn't believe the stuff that I had, lol! It's the same way when we travel. :^) I guess it is a girl thing!